Obesere R*pe Saga: Victim Threatened As Police Transfer Case To SCID

Alhaji Abass Akande Obesere

Alhaji Abass Akande Obesere

The case involving Fuji musician, Alhaji Abass Akande, popularly known as Obesere, who was arrested for allegedly r*ping a 29-year-old business woman, Miss Olanike Olaiya, in his Okota residence may have been transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department, SCID, reports have said.

The reports went further to say that the embattled musician opted for the SCID because the DPO of Isolo Police division had insisted on taking the matter to court.

If due process was to be followed, the Divisional Police Officer at Isolo Division, Aminu Ibrahim should have been the one to order the transfer of the case to SCID for further investigations. But Obesere allegedly used his contacts in the police to have the case transferred to SCID, where he apparently believes he would have his way.

A police source told Vanguard that Obesere found it difficult to pressurize the DPO at Isolo into striking out the case or persuade the victim to accept a settlement.

The source, who Vanguard said chose to remain anonymous, also said Obesere contacted some top citizens to wade into the matter by persuading the DPO to soft-pedal on the matter but they backed down when they discovered that the police have incriminating evidence against the musician.

Meantime, in a chat with Vanguard, the victim, Olaiya said she had relocated to her home town, Sagamu in Ogun State, where she is currently receiving treatment following her ordeal.

“As I speak with you, I am in Sagamu, my home town, where I have been  receiving traditional treatment since the incident occurred.

“I bled for more than two weeks after Alhaji Obesere r*ped me and inserted his ring into my private part. The incident occurred on February 12, 2013 and I have spent a lot of money treating myself.

“The DPO, Isolo Police division, took pity on me and refused to give in to Obesere’s pressure to strike out the case and God will bless him for that.

“But last week I was informed that the case had been transferred to the SCID and my Investigating Police Office, IPO, at Isolo asked me to come to the station on Tuesday for the transfer.

“But when I got to the SCID, I discovered the IPO, who took over the case, one Mr. Jacob, I don’t know his rank, became hostile to me.

“You need to see how this man treated me. He started by asking me to write a new statement and when I tried to explain that I had written a statement at Isolo division, he rebuffed my explanation and insisted I wrote a new one.

“Afterwards, they started threatening me. The IPO, Alhaji Obesere, and some of his brothers, who were present there, asked me to stop the journalists from publishing my story and if I don’t, I will be a dead person.

“I was so frightened when they said this and each time my phone rang someone would pick it up to know who was calling.

“Later, they discovered I wasn’t going to break, then they started begging me and promised to take care of me. Alhaji Obesere even said he was going to take me to the best hospital for treatment.

“At the end, I rose to leave and they offered to drop me in my place. The IPO also insisted that I should follow them. Instead of taking me to my area, they took me to Obesere’s house and the woman who introduced me to him was also there.

“While I was with them I alerted the police at Isolo and told them where I was.

“But yesterday, they called after they saw the publication and started threatening again to kill me.

“I am highly terrified, that was why I travelled back  to my home to get some treatment,” Olaiya told Vanguard on phone.


2 responses to “Obesere R*pe Saga: Victim Threatened As Police Transfer Case To SCID

  1. Its really a pity of such respected fuji musician in our society could decend so low by coming such crime of rape. How I wish dis case will b treated wit truthfully witout sentiments cos he has oga’s @d top dat will really close to case. May God helep her


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