Ibadan Poly Students Protest High Levy, Poor Power, Water Supply

Ibadan, Oyo State – On Monday, students of the Ibadan Polytechnic took to the streets to protest over “illegal charges,” “epileptic” power supply and irregular water supply at the institution.

At about 8 a.m., over one thousand students barricaded all entrances to the educational institution, paralysing any kind of movement around the camous for about four hours. The aggrieved students, led by their Student Union leaders, rendered anti-government slogans.

Soon, the police trucks arrived at the scene and tried to restore piece in the area. The school authority agreed to meet with the Student Union leaders.

Student Union President of the institution, Iyiola Oladimeji briefed the press after the meeting, which lasted for over an hour. He explained that the protest started because of misunderstanding between the management and the students. He assured they have reached a consensus and directed the gathering of students to end the protest at once.

He, however, warned that, should the school management fail to meet the demands by the end of the week, the next wave of protests would be far more escalated.

The students became angered by N500 extra charges on the Entrepreneurship Development (EEP) imposed by the school authority. Mr. Oladimeji also lamented poor electricity and water supply at the institution.
He disclosed that, at the round table discussion with the management, they have agreed the EED log book would be lowered to 300 for them, and that those who had paid N500 would be refunded.

On his part, Ibadan Polytechnic Public Relation Officer, Alhaji Sola Oladoye said: “The Polytechnic Ibadan is also part of the Nigeria society. I dare say than none of us is having regular electricity supply in our homes, and these students are also individuals from different homes and what they are experiencing here is not different from what they are experiencing in their various homes.”

Also, an agreement has been reached that regular electricity and water would be supplied to the students one hour before they leave their hostel and two hours at night.




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