Dear Readers: How Can I Get My Wife To Abort Our Baby?


Dear GP, I really need advice from your readers. I am a Nigerian based in South Africa and I’m also married to a South African woman, a Zulu woman, and they can be very stiff and stubborn. My problem is this, we have been married for five years without any children. When she eventually got pregnant this February we were over joyed, but our joy was short lived when we went to the hospital and the doctor told us that my wife has a medical problem in which if she keeps the baby and delivers him or her, that there is a high probability that the baby will be born with a disability. Or we can be buying a tablet for her to take every day until she delivers which will be costing us nothing less than 10,000 rand every month. And I don’t have that kind of money. So the best option for us now is to abort the baby. But my wife has refused. She doesn’t even want to consider it. Please GP readers, what can I do because I really don’t want a child who is disabled and I don’t have money for the drugs. Note: 10,000 rand is about 200,000 Naira.



2 responses to “Dear Readers: How Can I Get My Wife To Abort Our Baby?

  1. Have faith in God…every gud en perfect gifts comes 4rm God end add no sorrow..Prayer is all u needed nw and believe God dat d baby would b 5n. Don’t abort


  2. Don’t be a looser u ar nt god,what god as join 2gether let no man put assunder, u ar a man b bold, Doctor is nt God, wish u should be prayerful


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