Alas…!!! Female delegate blames women for corruption in Nigeria….

A delegate at the National Conference, Jummai Bello, shocked her colleagues when she lambasted the womenfolk for fuelling corruption in Nigeria.

Ms. Bello, a delegate of the Trade Union Congress, TUC, while contributing to the debate on President Goodluck Jonathan’s inaugural speech, contended that if the women had performed their domestic roles well the nation would not be confronted with the corruption scourge.

She said Nigerian women had failed to give their children proper training and that they encouraged their husbands to engage in corrupt practices.
Ms. Bello said some women indulge their children even when they notice that they were buying what they could not afford.

According to her, rather than rebuking their husband for living above their means or buying cars that their salaries could not afford, some women compare their husbands with their neighbours thereby pushing them to engage in corruption.

“Let us tell ourselves the truth, women are the source of the whole problem we have in this country,” She said. We don’t train and bring up our children well. We should try as much as possible to make sure that we look after our children properly.

She recounted the way she was brought up, saying in those days as a child if she brought what did not belong to her home, the parents would rebuke and beat her up.

She regretted that the situation was no longer the same and that parents now indulge their children when if they brought strange things home.

Ms. Bello, who received applause as she spoke, lamented that women now steal money in their offices.

She said, “I never believe that women can steal money from the office, but they are doing it now. We should change our attitude.”


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