Na wa:National Conference Delegate Pictured Playing Scrabble Replies His Critics



The elder statesman who was pictured at Nigeria’s National Conference playing Scrabble on his laptop has responded to the criticisms by Nigerians who condemned his act.

The delegate, identified as Professor Oyewale Tomori, a University administrator and academician, the pioneer Vice-Chancellor of Redeemer’s University, Ogun State, dropped his reply on a website, TrumpetMediaGroup that put up his picture with the caption: ‘Does anyone have a name for him?’

Below is his response: 
“Yes, indeed, I know the person, because I am the one. I have responded to some of the blogs on the matter. The truth is this activity was done during the lunch break between 2-4 pm. As soon as the Chairman calls the meeting to order, I switch off my computer.  
Is there any rule against spending my free time as I like? Moreover, is there anything 

wrong, if others engage in reading newspapers and talking with others during their free time, and I prefer engaging in activities, I consider more useful to my development, such as using scrabble to improve my word power and discover new words? 

Indeed, I often play against the best in the world, world champions, and I have been beaten many times. But in the process I learnt new words, their meanings and improve my written and spoken language.  

Journalists live and sell their papers through the sensation route, which often is the opposite to telling the truth or providing full details. If the person who posted the picture had said the activity took place during the lunch break, that would have been no news; but to create sensation, he or she was economical with details.  

I will certainly continue to play such other mind engaging games like Sudoku, Logic, etc, if only to make me a better thinker and presenter. Only thing, is I will do this at my own free time!  

Thank you very much 
– Oyewale Tomori 



One response to “Na wa:National Conference Delegate Pictured Playing Scrabble Replies His Critics

  1. Nofin wrong if e does it @ his leisure time….bera dan dos old folks bizi sleeping y d business of marking nigeria bera


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