Mysterious Bees Sting 83-year-old Woman To Death In Imo

There was confusion in Nchoko Amiri community, Oru East local council area of Imo State, recently when mysterious swarm of bees stung an 83-year old woman, Madam Nwanyiaro Orji to death.

Vanguard reports that, the late Madam Orji went to use the toilet located at the back of the family house when she was attacked by the mysterious insects.

An eyewitness who gave his name as Joe, said they initially thought the noise came from a bunch of ripe bread fruit tree at the backyard.

He said, “The angry bees, which its home had been dislodged, started stinging everybody within the vicinity, including the aged woman’s step-son, who was in the kitchen at the time.”

He added: “This did not work as the aged woman was not agile enough to scamper for safety with her step-son. The boy hurriedly left the scene.”

It was gathered that some youth later organised themselves, bought some cans of insecticide, wrapped themselves properly and dislodged the bees.
Joe said, “After winning the battle against the bees, the young men rescued the old woman and quickly rushed her to a nearby private hospital, where the medical team did everything possible to save her life. The woman died the next day.”


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