Dear Readers: What Does It Mean When You Have Constant Sex In Dreams?


This might sound unbelievable but it’s the truth. I’m a 29 year old civil servant and I’ve been having sex in my dreams for years now.
There is a man who constantly has sex with me in the dream. When I say good sex I mean great sex. Goes down on me. Kisses me passionately and does all sort of things one can’t even imagine and I wake up wet in real life. 
He appears only in the afternoon whenever I take naps, never at night and this happens every single time I close my eyes at noon. The scary thing is that every time I try to look at his face he changes to either my brother, father, cousins or even my co workers. 
I’ve had sex with men in real life but not as good as this man in my dreams. Look libers this might sound crazy but the truth is I began to enjoy the sex.

So Last week I casually told a man of God about it and he shouted and started to panic, he then told me that I have a spiritual husband and that I have to come for spiritual cleansing which means casting the demon out of me. 
Come to think of it, I’ve never had any serious relationship in my entire life. Men never call me back for some reason and the ones that did were never serious with me. 

I’m scared to start a spiritual battle. I’m not strong in my faith. I dont have strength to cast and bind. Not been to church in 5years. I’m afraid the spiritual battle might take my life 
Pls can libers interpret this constant dreams for me and advice me about the battle. Should I go ahead? I’m too scared, I don’t want to die. 
I know Some people might not believe this story but the few people who do pls I beg u with the name of God. Help me.


One response to “Dear Readers: What Does It Mean When You Have Constant Sex In Dreams?

  1. The pastor who told u that u should go for deleverance is very correct. Look my sister, deliverance is not a fight between u & d enemy. It is a fight between d pastor, & d enemy. & any true man of God has d power d defeat d enemy. So don’t b scared. Even if u have not gone to church since u were born. Where are u based? I wil advice u to take ur time & go to d SYNAGOGUE church of all Nation.( TB Joshua). Their deliverance is simple. Before church closes, wise men wil lay hands on everybody. If u have any spirit disturbing u, u wil begin to manifest. & once dey touch u & u donmanifest, it means notin is wrong wit u. Pls cal me so I can explain to u better. 08066191895 am tired of typing. But ur case is a minor one, so don’t b scared.


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