Highlights: Read President Goodluck Jonathan’s Media Chat; What did you learn?

Our dear President Goodluck Jonathan’s media chat on TV tonight just ended some hours ago where he spoke about the nagging, current national issues & responded to questions. Had to go tidy up for tomorrow before getting back to fully discuss this with you dearies. A lot of Nigerians are disappointed with the chat and are right now expressing their displeasure on Twitter. Who else watched the chat? What are your thoughts? Did President Jonathan’s answers satisfy you?

Just in case you didn’t watch, here are some of the trending comments President Jonathan made during the chat.

On ASUP strike: 
“If you go on strike for one day, by law, you are supposed to forego your
salary. It is only in Nigeria that a body will go on strike for 6 months, and still get salary for the 6 months. The Polytechnic strike is been handled.

Re-election 2015: 
My declaration for 2015 should not be a problem for Nigeria, but how we manage the 
economy. PDP is the champion. We need to know the challenger before we declare our candidate for 2015.

The word corruption is now being overused. There is difference between corruption and common stealing. If anybody steals $20bn today, America will know and tell you where the money is, because $20bn is a lot of money. More than 70 % of the cases called corruption are stealing which can be easily investigated.

On how he’s handling issues: 
People say I am too gentle, that is not true. If I should exercise 50% of my powers, I will be described as a dictator.

Missing Chibok schoolgirls/Boko Haram: President got emotional, almost in tears talking about this at a point:
I feel pained anytime I hear one Nigerian is killed by the madness called Boko Haram.  I feel very pained. I personally spoke with Barack Obama, President of France & China to help us with battle against Boko Haram.

We promise we will find the Chibok girls. We have requested for assistance from the US, but I can’t go into details. On the list that I saw, 80% of the kidnapped girls in Chibok are Christians. We can’t negotiate with somebody you don’t know; nobody has claimed responsibility for abduction. We need every information, their pictures, names and any other details that we can get to put this incident behind us. We are trying our best and appreciate the concern of Nigerians over the situation in the country. Even the missing Malaysian Aircraft the world is yet to find it, so we are not alone”

Funke Fadugba from Ray Power’s closing remark:
Well as long as you are convinced you are doing a good work, please continue to do it


What do you think about this? Please drop your comments, It keeps us going. Thanks.

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