Jos Explosion: Another bomb scare as banks, schools are shut


Published: May 21,2014

Residents of Tudunwada said there was panic in the area at about 11:30 a.m. following the alleged discovery of a strange vehicle.

A day after twin bomb explosions killed about 200 people at its main market; there was bomb scare in two different parts of Jos, Plateau State, on Wednesday.

The bomb scares occurred in Bukuru, Jos South Local Government Area; and Tudunwada, Jos North Local Government Area of Plateau.

In Bukuru, headquarters of Jos South Local Government, residents of Gyel expressed fears at about noon following rumours that explosive devices were planted in the locality. The residents called one another in panic at the situation as many decided to remain indoors.

Residents of Tudunwada said there was panic in the area at about 11:30 a.m. following the alleged discovery of a strange vehicle parked at a strategic point in the area.

Some of the residents took to Facebook, blackberry messenger, and other social media sites to alert their relations of the alleged bomb-laden vehicle.

However, the vehicle owner later arrived and took away his car.

The twin explosion at the Join main market, also called Terminus market, on Tuesday killed about 200 people while several others were injured and are still receiving treatment in four hospitals in the area. The Jos main market is at the centre of Jos North Local Government Area.

Meanwhile, following Tuesday’s explosions, banks and other businesses at the city centre were shut on Wednesday. Most filling stations were also shut while the few that opened were crowded.

Several public and private schools within the Jos city center, as well as several businesses were also closed due to the bomb rumour.

There were also rumours of an attack on the major seminary of the Catholic Archdiocese of Jos, where Catholic priests are trained.

The rumour within the city was that the institution was attacked by suspected hoodlums on Tuesday night.

However, authorities of the seminary have debunked the rumour.

Most streets of the Jos city centre remained deserted as residents grapple with Tuesday’s incident and also Wednesday’s bomb rumour.

Security officials have also intensified the stop and search of vehicles in the state, particularly of those coming into the state. The city’s exits were manned by stern looking armed police officers and soldiers. The police commissioner, Chris Olakpe, is expected to brief journalists in Jos on the security situation later today.

Mr. Olakpe and other senior police officers have assured of adequate security and were on the entourage of the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Abubakar, who on Wednesday visited the blast scene as well as the hospitals where the survivors were still being treated.

A survivor, Ismail Suleiman, told journalists from his hospital bed at the Plateau Specialist Hospital that he was about boarding a commercial taxi to Bukuru, when the explosion occurred.

Although Mr. Suleiman sustained swollen eyes and injuries on his legs and face, he thanked God for keeping him alive.



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