Please Read : How A Young Lady Made A Fortune From ‘KEKE NAPEP Business’


While attending a Real Estate seminar in Opebi, Ikeja today I received an email from one of Naija’s finest information marketers (Patrick Ogidi, CEO Netfame Marketing & Media). Actually, it wasn’t a personal message to me; I guess to his subscribers since I am one of them.

The title of the message had prompted me to open the email almost immediately! It read “How a Young Lady Made a Fortune From ‘KEKE Business”, I couldn’t help but read the entirety of the story. I was stunned at how the young lady in question started a keke napep business in Nigeria and made over N7,000 daily without owning a keke.

I was moved to share the keke napep business story with you as soon as I got home…

Now read Patrick’s email:

The funny aspect: This girl never own, sell, rent nor drive Keke NAPEP, but
she keeps making an average of N7,000 daily from every KEKE NAPEP in her city.

Basically, she did 3 SIMPLE things, anybody that sleeps at night can do:

– She found the NEED…

– She filled it.

– She found the MONEY…

Here’s how an idea that will be considered stupid by many people helped a very young school leaver build a business that brings in cash more than she ever imagined.

And this business is …

* NOT Oil business

* Not even Government contracts

* Not all about importation

* Not all about BIG certificates

But all about SENSE certificate.

This is even a business that has not gotten any name…. as at the time
she started. But for our purpose here, I’ll call it KEKE BUSINESS EXTRA.

Here’s how it all went…

In 2009, a young school leaver Adaobi came up to me and asked for a business idea. Instead of thinking, ‘what’s new’, I quickly sold her an idea I’ve been looking for a slight opportunity to develop. Been so focused, this girl took up the advice, developed it and turned it into a profitable business.

I told her to seize the sudden swing from Okada to Keke NAPEP and launch a big advertisement outfit. She quickly made some inquiries and contacted almost all the KEKE Napep union or what ever.

She offered to pay each Keke man N1,000 per week to place an advert on the side of their keke.

A greater number of them bought the idea…

After all, who will not be happy receiving extra N1,000 for just placing a weight less paper on their keke. This girl got like 13 keke men to start with And to make these Keke men happier, he paid them N500 each before anything. She then made a small black and white poster and placed them by the side of each of these keke.

In each, he simply advertised thus:

“Place your HOT adverts here and get seen by over 2 million people in this
town. For advert placement inquiries, call XXXXXXXX”

Like play like play, she got more than 20 calls on the first day. Before the end of the day, the advert spaces for the 13 keke slots have all been taken at N4,700 each for a week. All of them paid up front and this poor little girl pocketed N61,100 from the 13 keke Napeps.

Subtracting the N13,oo0 been payment she will make to the keke men leaves her with N48,100. That’s an equivalent of N7,000 daily.

A stupid idea right?

What if I tell you this same girl scaled up the whole thing. From 13 keke, she started doing over 100. Do the Maths yourself and checkout what she will be making daily with just the 100 kekes.

Well, I believe you are aware of the fact that this girl should have been hindered by one thing or the other, put she never minded. Probably, some of this Keke men would have made jest of her… but she never mind.

Well, you too can work on that sneaky ideas of yours… and turn it into
a business generating over N450,000 monthly.

I hope you learned some lessons from this story? Most Naija babes wouldn’t have delved into this kind of business… But Ada did! I am sure this info can help you benefit from the lucrative keke napep business too.

What ideas have you got?

– Is it a solution to a major problem
shared by many?

– Is it a fast track, but legal way of
doing something?

– Maybe you know how to get visas to
overseas easily, on low budget…

Develop and sell it for mega cash.

Patrick is hosting a seminar that would help you turn your ideas into cash!

I wish you the very best.

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