What can be wrong with Wizkid? Read Full story

The long wait for Wizkid’s second album has led
to suggestions that the 23-year old music star is
starting to doubt his own ability.
Wizkid came into the Nigerian music industry
when we didn’t have a wonder-kid, a boy-
wonder or a whiz-kid. Fast forward 4 years
after, the industry has been flooded with more
talents that most cemetery cannot boast of.
Wizkid remains what most budding Nigerian
artiste want to be, he remains a force to be
reckoned with but if care is not taken, it looks
as if those days may be numbered.
When Wizkid released his first single Holla At
Your Boy in 2010, it wasn’t a spectacular song,
let’s not forget that the song was a sampled
song by Se7en titled “Girls” we forgot that
quickly as Wiz proved he’s a game changer
when he released “Tease Me ” , a freestyle
turned single where he gave props to several
industry big boys like Eldee, Banky W, Wande
Coal e.t.c. Wizzy came through on that track, i
was one of his biggest fan, then.
Fast forward months later, June 12, 2011,
Wizkid dropped a classic album, Super Star was
born. Wizkid became a superstar. Fast forward
2012, Wizkid started to dismiss everybody
behind the superstar project. Samklef, the man
who produced most of the hit songs on Wizkid,
was also dismissed.
Samklef isn’t a great producer, but he was able
to get it right with Wizkid, they made hits
together, but Wizkid seems to find it easy to
sack people.
Wizkid also did some work with Masterkraft, it
looked like he could get it right with him,
Masterkraft was able to create decent music
with Wizkid on the EME album, Sarz, also. But
ever since his well publicized feud with Banky W
and the entire EME backroom, the quality of the
music Wizkid made completely diminished to a
staggering all time low.
Wizkid threatened to leave the label, if not for
advice from a lawyer and probably educated
friends, Wizkid might have ended up paying
millions for walking out of his contract with EME
in 2013, fortunately he stayed, but NWTS
(Nothing was the same) *inDrake’s voice*.
Wizkid started a “romance” with Disturbing
London, a London based management, no one
can really say how much Wizkid benefited from
that move.
Later on, Wizkid sacked Osagie, the manager
that was able to bake him, from the “arrogant
twat” that he was when he was 19-21 to the
superstar he was from 21 hitherto, then
employed Godwin Tom. At this point it was
obvious to the world that EME had lost control
over their “money machine”, he went on to
form a record label, named Star Boy
Wizkid, real name Ayo Balogun Ibrahim moved
quickly to sign 3 in house producers, Legendury
Beatz (2 brothers) and Maleek Berry, this move
highlighted his struggle with top notch music
production-to his “style”. Luckily Wizkid made a
hit song with each of the producers, Caro with
Maleek Berry, The Matter with Maleek Berry,
aside those songs Wizkid started making sub-
standard music.
His die-hard fans won’t tell him the truth
though, but “Talk” had to be the worse song
Wizkid has ever made in his very successful
music career, produced by Legendury Beatz, lets
not forget Love You, a song many of his fans
forgot Wizkid ever made.
The quality of Wizkid’s singles continued to go
down, his lyrics, recycled, there were calls from
some angle that it is time for him to start
buying music. It looked like Wizkid had noticed
his production quality had dwindled then he
quickly worked with Del B on On Top Your
Matter, and Dr Frabz on two songs, Bombay and
One Question.
It’s obvious now that Wizkid can see there’s a
problem somewhere, but pride won’t let him.
The solution might be simple – which is easy to
guess. Wizkid needs to allow Banky W, who is a
very intelligent and humble man, take charge of
his career again. There is competition now, hit
songs come out every day, this year alone we
have had banging hit songs, in the past year we
have had several superstars, it is easier than
ever to forget a song someone has released if it
refused to stick.
It might be time for him to start buying songs
since the producers he signed have refused to
get it right with him.
Wizkid released two songs this morning, Joy and
Bombay, it doesn’t look like Wizkid is back. Does
Banky W and EME have an idea Wizkid has
released around 7 singles off his forthcoming




2 responses to “What can be wrong with Wizkid? Read Full story

  1. #well if this is true, wizzy need too. Get back too EME…….mr banky W too get it right again his carer matters a lot. He should jst give up his pride nd move too greater eight in stardom. That’s my tke on the matter.


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