WTH! Child Prostitutes Flood The Streets Of Brazil To Cash-In On Fans (PHOTOS)


Children as young as 10 are being forced to sell themselves for sex on the streets of Brazil to cash in on the waves of ­football fans heading to the World Cup. On the contrary, a certain woman said, “it’s a lucrative business and my girls are happy with it”

Tragic: Brazil’s streets are filled with ‘thousands’ of desperate kids

A Sunday People investigation today reveals how kids living in shocking squalor and high on crack cocaine are exploited by drug dealers and pimps.

And as 600,000 foreign fans ­including Brits flood into Brazil this week, the youngsters’ plight will get worse.

Thousands of ­desperate kids…

TOUT for sex for as little as £1.30 after pimps order them to wear clothes and make-up to look older.

PLY their sordid trade within yards of hotels where British fans will stay.

SNIFF from bottles of industrial glue to stop the pangs of hunger.

FEAR for their lives after a 14-year-old prostitute was murdered and her body dumped in the street last month by a man who refused to pay for sex.

This shocking trade of young girls and boys on street corners goes on under the noses of police in the world’s seventh wealthiest economy.

Glue kids: They inhale glue – nicknamed ‘cola’ 

As soon as you arrive at the airport, the taxi drivers waiting to pick you up offer to take you to places to buy drugs or sex.

Children sit around in city centre squares where fans will gather. Many had attempted to make themselves look older with clothes and make-up.

Accompanied by a translator and a missionary who works with children on the streets, I spoke to three very young girls, one of whom was clearly not well because of the drugs she was taking and glue she was sniffing.

Lorrisa is only 13 and her frame so tiny that I am sure her growth had been stunted by drugs.

She sniffed from a plastic bottle containing strong industrial glue, which they ­nickname “cola”, as she explained how she lives.

Lorrisa said that: “Sniffing the glue makes me feel dizzy and numb and it stops me feeling hungry so I don’t need to eat.

“It helps me cope with the ­violence and danger on the streets.”

Lorrisa’s friend Raphaela, 13, reveals how she gets approached by scores of men looking for sex – locals, tourists and taxi ­drivers.

Prostitute: Raphaela, 13. 

They will pay 10 Brazilian real, the equivalent of £2.60


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