Presidency Begins Secret Move To Take Out Governor Amaechi



From available statistics, APC is leading PDP ahead of 2015 as the 16 states under the control of the APC are the states with the highest number of population in Nigeria. In fact, one APC state like Lagos or Kano can cover as much as Four PDP states like Bayelsa, Abia, Ebonyi, Akwa Ibom in voting population.

So, OluFamous.Com observed that this is why President Goodluck Jonathan and his boys are desperate to take back some states from APC, through any means possible, including bribery and impeachment.

As the Presidency is battling to rig Ekiti election at all cost, they are fighting to take out Governor Murtala Nyako of Adamawa State and his Deputy so that the Speaker of the House of Assembly, who is a PDP member can emerge the governor of the state.

They have commenced the same deadly political move in Rivers State. Secrets plots have started on how to take out Nigerian Governors Forum chairman, Rotimi Amaechi.

According to Vanguard, the fresh plot being coordinated by a serving minister from the state, entails convincing the six members of the House of Assembly, who are of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to carry out the illegal impeachment in a House of Assembly with over 25 members.

Known to be opposed to Governor Amaechi, which led to the recent crisis in the state, the six legislators have not been sitting with other 25 members who are of the APC.

Here’s the plot: the six members are to convene a sitting of the House of Assembly at a private residence or office with Evans Bipi presiding as the Speaker; a member will then move a motion for the suspension of the other 25 APC members; the motion will be adopted and thereafter they will move for the impeachment of the governor.

The source said the impeachment plotters are expected to get the support of the administrative Chief Judge of Rivers State, Justice Daisy Okocha, who was appointed by NJC.

It will be recalled that the Rivers State Government rejected Justice Daisy as the administrative Chief Judge of the State.

Speaking on the alleged plot, a stakeholder in Rivers State said: 
“President Jonathan is hell bent on removing Governor Amaechi for reasons best known to him. This is not the first time or the second time they have plotted to remove our governor, albeit illegally. Their plot is illegal, unconstitutional. In a legislature of 31 members, six members cannot go and sit in someone’s private sitting room and claim to have impeached a governor. That is impunity. This is a democracy. The Presidency should be careful not to truncate our democracy with these reckless acts of impunity all over the place.”


One response to “Presidency Begins Secret Move To Take Out Governor Amaechi

  1. R we operating arnachical rule…GEJ should focus on development of d nation and bing back our gals who were kidnapped rather pocknosing on issues dt r irrelevant…if GEJ want to ppl to vote in him to office 4d 2nd term, e should work hard and bring smiles on his ppl e his governing or e will b thrown out…except e will apply d formularof rigging which I knw will b his 2 option


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