Anger As Abacha’s Daughter Hails God Over Stolen N446.3bn



Daughter of the late maximum ruler, Gumsu Sani-Abacha, has attributed the withdrawal of the N446.3bn theft charges instituted against her brother, Mohammed, by Goodluck Jonathan to an act of God.

The Jonathan Government, through the Attorney-General of the Federation, Mr. Mohammed Adoke, had on Wednesday withdrawn the theft case asking the High Court of the FCTto strike out the charges.

The charges were dropped over the selfish agenda of President Jonathan to win the 2015 election at all cost and not for the good of millions of Nigerians, whose money the family stole, Ladygbeborun observed.


But the obviously-elated Gumsu Abacha  took to the social media to spread the word about her brother’s acquittal from the charges of theft…

Responding to inquiries from some of his friends on Twitter about it, Gumsu, who had just celebrated the 16th year anniversary of her father’s death, wrote, “God is great.”

However, many Nigerians have described the discontinuation of criminal charges preferred against Mohammed as a set-back for the anti-graft war.

Former Minister of Education, Dr Oby Ezekwesili, said Nigeria had yet to learn from the mistakes of the past. Pointing the attention of Nigerians to the last known book of the late literary icon, Prof. Chinua Achebe – There was a Country – the former minister said the title of the book said it all about the state of the nation.

Arguing that the development was a sad commentary on the nation’s political leadership, Ezekwesili reacted, “There was a country, indeed! Unforgettable Chinua Achebe.”

A social commentator, Tunji Lardner, wondered if the ‘gesture’ extended to Mohammed Abacha was a honour for accused high profile thieves or just courtesy to the Abacha family. Lardner said he was no longer getting amazed with the decisions of the Federal Government since President Goodluck Jonathan declared that stealing is not corruption.

“The Federal Government drops $3bn theft case against the Abachas. What more, Sani Abacha, a world class despot and thief, has roads, hospitals and even military barracks named after him in Nigeria. Is he our hero?” he asked.

Political blogger, Kayode Ogundamisi, said he wondered how the President came to the conclusion that he had reasons to drop the charges and forgive Mohammed.

“Congrats, Mohammed Abacha. Thanks to Goodluck Jonathan who redefined the definition of stealing and corruption. Mohammed do enjoy the stolen N446bn,” Ogundamisi wrote on Facebook.

Another respondent, Olawale Awoye, expressed concerns that the way and manner politics was being played in the country in the build up to the 2015 general elections was worrisome.

According to him, it was troubling to learn that Mohammed, who the Supreme Court had ruled to have a case to answer over theft charges, was being made to evade justice.

“Politics and democracy are going crazy in Nigeria. Worrisome that the Federal Government dropped charges against Mohammed Abacha despite Supreme Court ruling that he has a case to answer,” Awoye tweeted.

For Olukayde Bakare, the Federal Government’s subtle withdrawal of charges against Mohammed shows how desperate the Goodluck Jonathan administration might be in a bid to secure a second term in office.

“What would happen if we give the man another four years? Better imagined than witnessed. So, Abacha is no more guilty of theft of public funds? That’s great news. All in line with our party’s Transformation Agenda,” Bakare wrote on Twitter.

According to Punch, a group, Corruption Concern, said with the turn of events in the country, Nigerians must be ready to elect good and credible leaders come 2015 and end this madness.

The group asked: “How is the Peoples Democratic Party-led Federal Government going to fight corruption? Is it that the FG really hates Nigeria and Nigerians?


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