World Cup Banned At Covenant Uni. Because Ronaldo & Balotelli Make Girls Dreams   

The administration of Covenant University, a private university in Nigeria set up by David Oyedepo’s Winner’s Chapel, has banned ALL their students from watching the ongoing World Cup…the reason they gave for the ban has been given as: the negative influence of Brazillian girls, Cristiano Ronaldo and Mario Balotelli on their God fearing students, especially the female students.

Lord have mercy! Are Covenant Uni students not adults? Perfectly capable of choosing what they want to view!

According to the school’s management, Brazil is a country known for it’s immoralities and the stadium will be full of indecently dressed women who will corrupt the morals of the God-fearing students in the school. The Covenant University Dean of Students explained the decision of the university’s administration, saying

    In addition to the this sanctions, as long as stubborn players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Mario Balotelli will play in the mundial, the girls in Covenant University are not safe. Ronaldo and Balotelli are in the habit of pulling off their shirts after scoring every goal to show off their six-packs. Therefore, this might give these girls wet dreams which will make them fall spiritually

The Dean also added that the world cup would have a negative effect on the male students at the university because of “the half-clad and half-mad women who are known to patronize the streets of Brazil”

Any student found defying the school’s World Cup 2014 ban will be suspended for two months! 


What do you think about this? Please drop your comments, It keeps us going. Thanks.

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