Speaker Tambuwal Detained & Searched By Soldiers On Orders From Above



Sincerely, we don’t know how to describe what is going on in Nigeria again. This is very worrisome.

Soldiers detained the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, briefly on Sunday in the capital of Kaduna State, insisting that his official car “must be searched” before he could be allowed into the venue of an international conference where he was due to deliver a speech.

Can you believe that Soldiers paid by Nigerians can humiliate the Number 4 citizens this way? #DiaRisGodO

The Speaker, who arrived the venue of the gathering at exactly 9.16 am for the 10.00 am opening ceremony, had his convoy stopped by soldiers who insisted they must search his official car before he could be allowed into the venue, otherwise he should go away. Wonderful!

Despite much entreaties by security details attached to the Speaker,the soldiers refused, claiming they have “orders from above” to search the Speaker…

Angered by the conduct of the soldiers, the Speaker came out of his car and trekked all the way into the venue. The incident occurred at Hotel 17, venue of an International conference on security and development challenges of pastoralism in West and Central Africa organized by office of the National Security Adviser.

Surprisingly, other VIPs, especially Governors, who attended the conference were allowed access into the hotel without hindrance. The Speaker is the number four citizen in Nigeria’s official hierarchy after the President, Vice-President and the Senate President. It is sad that he could be treated like a rascal.

When Saraha Reporters contacted Tambuwal’s spokesman, Malam Imam Imam, for his reaction, he said:
“It is not about the person of the Speaker, but the office he is occupying. What we expect is for the security agents to show respect for the office of the Number 4 citizen of the country.”

Strangely, after the Speaker walked away, the soldiers stopped searching his car. Were they after him?


One response to “Speaker Tambuwal Detained & Searched By Soldiers On Orders From Above

  1. Dis is unfortunate and unheard coming from d security personnel, claiming d order is from above. Really, we r practising militarization and not democracy. No one is safe work freely in dis country again


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