O The Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Abubakar Sa’ad III, has said that royal fathers are not in anyway enemies or competitors with politicians, rather they are   partners in progress that are divinely saddled with leadership responsibility. Sultan Abubakar stated this yesterday in Sokoto when the new Emir of Kano and former CBN governor, Sanusi Muhammed II, paid him a courtesy in his palace. The visit of Emir of Kano to the Sultan was the first of such royal visit to the revered monarch. The Sultan also counseled against unwarranted disunity among both traditional rulers and politicians, as such retards development. Insisting that Nigeria is in dire need and requires the collaboration of every leader to salvage the nation from the legions of challenges confronting her, Sultan reminded the new emir that only God gives and takes power when He so wishes. “Politicians and the traditional rulers should avoid unncessary acrimonies and bickering to the detriment of the people, rather, we should team up to better the lives of the people, as we are all leaders who have been divinely entrusted with various leadership roles. “Nigerians are now in dire need of the support and assistance of the leaders and we should not waiver in doing so. Leadership is crucial in Islam and it is a trust that we will account for before the Almighty Allah. Therefore, you should be grateful to God for making you an Emir, hence, it’s God that gives and takes leadership when He so decides”. The Sultan further said he would continue to extend the same hand of friendship enjoyed by the late Kano Emir to the new one.


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