I Caught My Father’s Wife In Bed With Boyfriend, Should I Tell My Father?

”I love my father very much and breaking this news to him might have a negative effect on his health.” These are the words of a distraught Lagos guy as he narrates his ordeal to Naij-com Lagos contributor, Chinenye Obidigbo.


Read the touching story below

I walked into my father’s room and met my young step mother on her matrimonial bed with her boyfriend. Should tell my father?

I am the last child of my parents and the most loved by our father. I am completely confused as to not knowing what my father’s action will be. Our family used to be the envy of all around us until my mother developed a sudden illness which claimed her life.

Our father loved our mother so much that he mourned her for close to a decade. After eight years of my mother’s death, we were able to convince our father to get another wife. On that fateful evening, he came home with this beautiful damsel to introduce to us.

Stephanie, my father’s wife to be seemed very cool and friendly on her first visit to our house but she was way too younger than my father. We became friends immediately since I’m always at home because I wasn’t staying on campus. After their wedding, Steph as she’s fondly called by every member of our family including my father moved into our home to commence her duty as a wife.

All was going smoothly until one evening when Steph came home crying that her supposed cousin was deported from New York and need a place to stay. She told me and pleaded with me to convince my father to accept the young man. Due to my closeness to her, I was compelled to accompany her to beg father to allow William, her cousin to come stay with us and also because he is her relation.

Two days later, William moved into the Boys Quarters. He seemed so cool, well respected and very hardworking. Within two weeks of his stay in our house, he won the heart of everyone in the house so we all relaxed and accepted him as one of our own. After months of staying idle at home, my father decided to bring him into his business.

One day I came home earlier than the time I usually come back and met him at home alone with my step mother. They were in the kitchen when I walked in and saw him holding her in a compromising state. I wasn’t really sure of what I saw so I didn’t suspect anything but I was sure I noticed uneasy reactions from them.

After exchanging pleasantries with them, I walked straight to my room wondering what William could be doing at home at that hour and in the kitchen with my father’s wife. My mind was not at rest so I decided to ask my step mother. She replied that he developed fever in the office so he came home for treatment. In order for her not to feel threatened or being suspected, I decided to let go of everything blaming it on my imagination.

My father grew for Stephanie that I was even becoming jealous of her. He showered her with numerous gifts and whatever she requests. But I always have the strange feeling that she is not satisfied in that marriage—a reason I had put down to the age difference between her and my dad. It seemed to me that she was not getting enough sex from her husband.

I had known this because one day, I heard complain loudly from the bedroom that my father is not satisfying her in bed. I kept thinking about it until the day my fears were confirmed. Late one afternoon, I came home and met the whole house quiet. The whole house was calm in a way it has never been before. Without suspecting anything untoward, I headed straight into my room.

On getting to the door of my room, I heard some soft cries of a woman from my father’s room. I slowed down to understand the noise. The groaning became so loud that I actually confirmed it was coming from my father’s room. I was confused because I didn’t see my father’s car outside. To make matter worse, my father had travelled out of the country a few days earlier.

I went to closer to the door and discovered it was Stephanie’s voice. I turned the lock and the door clicked open. I couldn’t recover from the shock of what I saw. Unconsciously I screamed to the top of my voice. There, on my father’s bed, my step-mother’s matrimonial bed was William on top of her. My dear step mother was moaning on top of her voice to the excitement.

They jumped at the sound of my scream, both of them looking at me as if they had seen a ghost. I shouted and asked Stephanie why she is doing this to my father after all she has done for her and her fake cousin. They both went on their knees begging me not to tell my father what I saw. I was still in shock and silently left the room without saying a word.

I was so bitter and very disappointed in her. She came into my room immediately rolling on the floor and begging me to forgive her and to not inform my father. She went further to confess to me that William is actually her boyfriend and that my father does not satisfy her on bed which is what prompted her to behave the way she did.

She promised me that she will never be unfaithful to my dad if only I could hide it from him and forgive her. Now I’m confused as to what to do. I love my father very much and informing him could affect his health, on the other hand, the guilt of trying to hide it from him is killing me.

My father is due to return from his medical trip in two days.

What do I do?

Kindly leave your opinion below. Your answer will help me make up my mind if I should tell my father or not.


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