Davido: The Alleged Pregnancy, The Attention Seeking & The Rants


Two days ago, news broke out on some blogs that Davido was expecting another child from a Tanzania model, Agnes Masogange who is well known in her country due to her heavy backside. What we can however tell you is that Davido and Agnes are friends. That they slept with each other at a point in time, is one thing we can’t confirm.

Two hours ago, Davido went online ranting that Nigerian blogs should get their facts right, and let Agnes who is pregnant at the moment enjoy her relationship with her man. But he forgot Agnes started it all.

Here’s it. Two days ago, Agnes took to her instagram page to post a photo where she held Davido’s HKN pendant and captioned it ‘I miss him’. Few minutes later, she posted another photo, and this time it was a pregnancy kit which read POSITIVE and blogosphere went wild.

Anyone would have assumed she was passing a message and some bloggers picked it up.

Now Davido is online warning bloggers to get their facts right and says Agnes has been crying to him on the phone saying her man is about to leave. Davido who pitied her, then came online and asked people not destroy a relationship that is about to welcome another human into this world- a child. But then, it’s all Agnes fault for starting the drama if you ask us.

Btw, David respect’s his daughter so much that he also mentioned the way her family feels means a lot to her in this whole drama and peeps should please let the rumours slide.

Above is what Agnes posted that started the drama, below are Davido’s tweets and right after that a photo of Agnes and her boyfriend who is believed to be a Tanzanian actor.










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