10 Male Celebrities That Killed The Agbada Swag In 2015 (See Photos)

Racing our history as Africans, Agbadas were only worn by our rulers, chiefs and anybody in a powerful position. During those times, you cannot just wear Agbada to a function,it was left for the rich and the royal family.

Presently, in this 21st century, fashion world has evolved. Regular Men now wear Agbadas to church, weddings, events and even shows.

There is a feeling of authority, confidence and power on a man wearing this traditional wear. As Africans, Nigerians especially, the Agbada is trademark, its a way of differentiating the rich and classy man from others.

Here are 10 Nigerian celebrities that did the Agbada wear justice this year.

Sean Tizzle might not have had a great music year, he had his Agbada A-Game on.



2 EBUKA: Ebuka might be married to a woman now but he has been married to his Agbada wears for sometime.
He rocked the Agbada numerous times this year!



3 DAREY: Darey is not synonymous with fashion but he had it going on with Agbada this term.


4 IYANYA: Iyanya chose the Black Agbada for his Yudala photoshoot.


My brother darey get good wife cuz im rock am well.

5 NOBLE IGWE: Noble Igwe is now an Agbada aficionado. Agbada is his go-to wear for for red carpet events.


…and when is the agbada going to be buried?

6 D’BANJ: D’Banj wore Agbada for an outing for the first time this year. 2015 will surely be remembered as the year of Agbada.


7 UTI NWACHUKWU: Uti is another celeb who knows a lot when it comes with Agbada. As you can see above, he is not scared to mix and match colors.


8 DON JAZZY: Don Jazzy is one of the few celebrities that can perform with Agbada and not go wrong.


9 IK OGBONNA: Don Jazzy is not the only one who knows how to wear AGbada in white, IK Ogbonna Can too How regal!


10. Kunle Afolayan shows there is more to him than movie production. He wore Agbada to the AMVCA this year



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