Obasanjo is an expired man… Buhari’s government will fail if he confronts me – Fayose

Ekiti state governor, Ayo Fayose has claimed that President Muhammadu Buhari and the All Progressives Congress are working assiduously to remove him from office.

Fayose, however, says he’s ready for them, stressing that the people of Ekiti are with him in spite of the federal government’s plan to use the military panel to upturn his election.

In an interview with Vanguard, Fayose said: “Ekiti people gave me free mandate to govern them. I am the first person in Ekiti to be governor twice. I am the first Nigerian and Nigerian politician to defeat two incumbent governors at two different attempts.”

“I have records when they talk they say I wore particular type of cloth what is their business. The people that I govern are very happy with me whether I wear tattered clothes. They are hypocrites, they do something else in dark corners and another one in the open.”

“They made attempt to make my swearing in impossible but the people rose against them, the went to ensure I was impeached but the people rose against them, they made attempt to the Supreme Court to stop me they were stopped; they are at it again, they want to use military panel.

The international community, the Americans phoned to congratulate me personally and they wrote, it is on their website where they recommended Ekiti election for all elections in Nigeria, the conduct, the handling by the military. They recommended it for the 2015 elections.”

Furthermore, Fayose said he’s not afraid for his safety, hence the absence of security operatives in his convoy.

The governor said he has the protection of God, and as such, any government that tackles him will ultimately fail.

“My brother, forget that one! This year I am 55, I will be 56 next year. If I die today, I have five sons; they will do a big party. People will console them that your father lived an exemplary life, he was governor twice.”

“They will still move on and enjoy my wealth. Those things we fear most happen to us eventually. I am not a coward, life is not about how many years you live but what you stand to represent. Within or outside Ekiti, I don’t use siren.

I don’t carry policeman or DSS about, I don’t need them. If you come you are only wasting your time because I have nothing to hide, there is even no money for anybody to steal.”

“I stood to fight all through the eight years and as God would have it look, I left October 16, 2006, I came back October 16, 2014. That is instructive that God is with me. The very day the Buhari-administration faces me, his government will come down.

Any government that confronts me will come down, it will not stand the test of time. Why would you muscle everybody because we are opposed to you. I am in PDP and will never go to any other party.”

Fayose also made a snide remark at former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, whom he described as having lost relevance in the scheme of things.

“I am Ayo Fayose, I was governor without a godfather, I was there for three and half years before Obasanjo took me out. I am back now but Obasanjo is an expired man today, and I am still making impacts.

He is expired, he goes to Aso Rock to go and beg every week, prostrating. How many times did Buhari visited him when he was president in Aso Rock? Buhari did not step Aso Rock throughout not even in Council of State meeting.”


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