Whether to Use Condom or Not…. What’s Your Opinion?

This will be a very controversial one but as i always maintain…IT IS MY OPINION.


This is not about encouraging any unmarried lady to have unprotected sex with any man but its about letting ladies understand what goes through the mind of most guys when they use a latex on a them.

But before i go on,i would like to ask this simple question..Why do we use a condom?

While the answer to that can be too exhausting i believe that many guys will say they use condoms to prevent stds and pregnancy but after marriage they will not even think about using it on their wives but would prefer the lady to use other birth control methods.

Yes condom is for protection against stds and unwanted pregnancy but i believe this is only a terrible fallacy to boost the sale of the devil’s tool.

What is the guaranty that even in marriage,a man or woman can’t bring std home to the spouse? What makes it different if a man decides to have a condomless sex with his wife but uses it on a mistress? 

It may interest every lady reading this to know that even most single guys usually have a mindset concerning a special lady in their life and they never use condoms on such lady because to them,such girl is too special and so cherished that they will prefer raw sex with.

This leaves me with one answer to why a man will use a condom on a lady and that is because he sees you as an object of a quick and cheap sex,untrustworthy and a potential std carrier and of-course has no deep respect and affection for the lady since he only believes at that point that all you are worth is the sex…This is what goes through the mind of guys in most cases. The most unfortunate twist is that many ladies willingly allow these randy guys to have them at will since there is always a condom to use..how pathetic.

As a lady stop deceiving yourself thinking the guy wants to protect you by using a condom on you but he is only trying to protect himself. 

A real sexually decent lady will never allow a man sleep with her before marriage let alone use a condom on her So any lady that allows a man use condom on her is sexually reckless and should be placed side by side with the LovePeddler in the brothels and you can as well ask him for payment after the act…..quote me anywhere…condom is mainly for casual sex with a casual lady a man has no deep respect or affection for.

If a man truly wants you and not just your goody bag,he will not be doubtful to make you his wife rather than use a latex on you severally all in the name of protected casual sex.

If i were a lady,i would rather not have sex at all than have a man stick a latex inside me.If he truly wants me then let him put a ring on it and then we can start making love the way it was originally designed by GOD.

My candid opinion.


What do you think about this? Please drop your comments, It keeps us going. Thanks.

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