About Big Picture Entertainment

Big Picture Entertainment is the operator of SMASHTV and TIWANTIWA TV channels that are shown on Startimes and the Consat platforms that are both Pay Tv platforms in Nigeria. Both channels are in the top six most watched channels on both platforms. We are also on WAWOO, Un1ty Tv, FilmOn platform which are IPTV services thier coverage span through the entire globe as it can be watched on any mobile device, mobile phones, laptops and desktops. We are also expanding our reach on other platforms.

Both channels have been able to penetrate the Nigerian viewing audience with its innovative programming and availability on a myriad of platforms.

On all these platforms we have Smash and Tiwa-N-Tiwa as 24hour channels.


About Our Blog

Big picture Entertainment’s Blog Is All About Spreading Genuine and Honest Information, News, Articles, Stories etc That Will Impact Positively On The Lives Of People, Not Only In Nigeria But World Over.

We Will Serve As A Tool To Promote The Genius In Us And Promote Our Beloved Country To The Whole World And Together I Believe We Can.

For Adverts & Sponsorship :- Call K.G +2348131561861 or bigpictureentertainmentltd@gmail.com For Free Publication of Events :- Email bigpictureentertainmentltd@gmail.com

Got any story/ information for us? Pls send us a mail at bigpictureentertainmentltd@gmail.comlogo


What do you think about this? Please drop your comments, It keeps us going. Thanks.

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